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At Your Service

Meet Our Digital Curators

Offering quick, discreet service with a high-tech twist, our robotic team members HENRY, LUMIE and LUCY are ready to welcome you to San Francisco!

Our Digital Curators can move independently throughout the hotel, delivering whatever you may need directly to your door. Scan the QR code in your room to place an order from TWYNE coffee bar, and LUMIE or LUCY will bring you your Sightglass coffee, Craftsman & Wolves pastries, salads and more. Or call the front desk to order snacks, beer and wine from our Bodega, and in a few moments your phone will ring, alerting you that your robo delivery has arrived.

Remember, you receive a $30 credit to use at TWYNE or Trevino when you book your stay directly through this website. So during your next visit, be sure to call on HENRY, LUMIE and LUCY, dedicated to elevating your experience through advanced technology.

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