Business Hotel in NYC

A Premier Business Hotel In NYC

Easy Access To The Best Of New York City

Located in the heart of Manhattan and nearby some of the country's most notable businesses, LUMA Hotel Times Square is an ideal business hotel in NYC. Our modern, dynamic hotel offers easy access to businesses throughout Manhattan and is able to accommodate the needs of energized business guests. Rest and relax in your comfortable, contemporary room or get a head start on the day with your room's modern amenities.

Getting Work Done

at LUMA Hotel Times Square

CRAZY fast WiFi. BOLD, hot cups of freshly brewed Nespresso, in EVERY room. Ergonomic desk and functional lighting. Our dialed-in concierge has deep knowledge of New York City's fast-paced business world, and is ready to solve ANY last minute challenge. Close the deal, sign the contract, get the job...from the comfort of LUMA Hotel Times Square.

Getting Work Done

Near LUMA Hotel Times Square

Work AND stay in the heart of the city, with EVERYTHING you need to conduct business at your fingertips. Wardrobe crisis? Solved. Countless transportation options. Seeking a stress relieving workout after a long day of meetings? We can present fitness ideas for athletes of every level. Impromptu breakfast meeting / power lunch / client dinner? Don't worry. Rest easy knowing you can make an unforgettable impression in LUMA Hotel's immediate neighborhood. And our team is happy to help.